Khawaja Steels

In 2004 the Khawaja Group inaugurated Khawaja Steels in the rural areas of Eminabad for the production of Graded Ingots. It manufactures and deals in various sizes of Ingots. It has its own in-house weighbridge, and bailing press machine for making bundles. The in-house laboratory enables the company to manufacture Graded Ingots from remeltable metal scrap.
The company now has 4 Induction Furnaces, consuming a regular mix of both local and Imported metal scrap.
Starting from recycling of iron metal scrap organisation has grown into a specialised and reputable company in the field of collection, processing and recycling of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals into Ingots.


We are a diversified industrial group engaged in textile and steel business. In textile sector we are one of the leading worsted yarn spinners of Pakistan engaged in spinning of quality worsted yarns for hosiery knitting of sweaters/cardigans and weaving of fabrics/shawls. Similarly in steel sector we are well renown manufacturers of billets/ingots/bars etc.

Established since 1980, We have over 35 years of experience in business and enjoy a very good reputation in business and social circles of Pakistan.


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  • Khawaja Steels.
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